Celebrating Halloween at SK Apartments


As an apartment dweller, you can also transform your living space to fit a great Halloween party. It doesn’t matter the level or class of the apartment. Any story building floor and other apartment living options can work, as long as you put in the spirit of the occasion.

How to Decorate Your Apartment

Who says your apartment cannot take on a Halloween theme? For instance, you can do something with your door by giving it a dark Halloween wreath. You can also go for spooky decorations and still stay elegant and modern. Simple changes, like playing with bright colors, can stir up style in the celebration. Creepy stuff like plastic skulls would offer great apartment decorations.

How to Celebrate at Home

Dress up in Halloween costumes and engage in great DIY ideas for the celebration. You can decide on a concierge to hand out candy to visitors. You can also carve pineapples or pumpkins if you are looking for a tropical décor twist. Engage the entire family in fun activities such as creative dress-ups, pets included.

Halloween Hotspots Near You

You can find the ideal Halloween stores and haunted attractions to spice up the season with Treasure Hunt games. Depending on the items you are after, you can find varieties of themes to use throughout the haunt; switch details to make every room different. Search easily for the right store to complete the season. Choose from a wide array of attractions, including creepy Zombie features, haunted houses, haunted mazes, and haunted trails, to name a few.


Halloween can still get better when celebrating it in an apartment. You can make every moment fun by utilizing every ghoul that can make the event significant. Simply put, think spooky, but be subtle and creative.





Participating in a Turkey Bowl in Oakland

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Oakland

Participating in a Turkey Bowl in Oakland

We know Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. We also know your holiday checklist is hectic! There’s the recipe list, the dessert list, and most importantly, the invite list! With so much to do in so little time, let us help you by covering all things football! We have a great Turkey Bowl suggestion near your chic  Oakland apartments! So what day is Thanksgiving Day 2019? This year, Thanksgiving is on Thursday November 28th. We know there are many football games to watch on Thanksgiving. Why not play a game of your own?

History of American Football on Thanksgiving

In the US, football and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. For a little over a century and a half, football being played on Thanksgiving has been a tradition. Many families come together Thanksgiving morning for a family Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl! Early Thanksgiving morning, families divide into teams for a family-friendly game of football. So here’s a Turkey Bowl suggestion for you!

Local Big Games

This year, the 6th Annual Dino Ghilotti Motta Thanksgivin’ Turkey Bowl will be held for a worthy cause. Proceeds will go to scholarships for students to attend San Domenico, Marin Catholic School. Proceeds will also go towards improving athletic and art facilities for the North Bay Campus University of Miami. Doesn’t playing football on a crisp autumn morning with loved ones for a worthy cause sound amazing?

Start Turkey Bowl as a family tradition

If you’re not already a part of a Turkey Bowl tradition, we encourage you to begin a first in 2019. A Turkey Bowl is a great way to bring your family together as a team. You will be partaking in an established American tradition! A good suggestion would be to devise a custom Annual Turkey Bowl Trophy for your family. The more ribbons and outlandish, the better! Nothing says Thanksgiving like football. Let 2019 be the beginning of a longstanding family tradition for generations to come!

Will you and your family will participate in a Turkey Bowl in Oakland? Let us know in the comments!