3 Beaches To Try This Labor Day Weekend Near Plantation, FL

Labor day weekend

Labor day weekend. The perfect time to bring out the barbecues and call over your loved ones for some good times and fun vibes. What better place to go than to the beach to go enjoy a sunny bright day. Here are 3 beaches that you could visit this weekend.

Deerfield Beach

Enjoy the coast of this cove-like beach and bask in the warm sun while you play some beach volleyball, build a sandcastle, or maybe just enjoy some good food from the various outside eateries.

Hillsboro Beach

Popular for its turtle nesting, Hillsboro Beach will undoubtedly provide you with a unique experience that you can tell your friends about when you come back from your weekend.

Pompano Beach

The water on this beach is the warmest and clearest that you will find in all of South Florida. But for those of you who enjoy other pleasures, there’s also nearby golfing and horse racing opportunities that you may enjoy as well.