Summer Events in Alpharetta, GA

Every summer is filled with glorious moments, great life lessons, and can’t miss summer events. Don’t stop the summer fun just yet, there is so much to do in, Alpharetta, GA. Get up and get out to all the best summer events around. Take advantage of these amazing summer days and go a part of something that makes you feel larger than life. You can even get into some local fun like visiting the Urban Escape Games. Add a little bit of excitement to your life finding clues and solving mysteries. Bring your family and friends along for the ride.  


Join a group at the Urban Escape Games, and race the clock as you try to solve the different clues. You’ll have a blast working together and figuring out what you have to do to escape. You’ll have plenty of room and just enough hints to get the job done. You’ll watch a video that will align with your escape room theme and give you a bit of background on what you need to know. Have the time of your life cracking codes, solving puzzles, and doing some serious investigating. Make the Urban Escape Games just one of the many amazing things you do this summer in  Alpharetta, GA!

Summer Events in Phoenix

Summertime is here so it’s time get the ball rolling on hitting up all the best Phoenix, AZ events. It’s time to make long-lasting memories and get into things that peak your interest. With the longer days and warmer weather, Phoenix is bursting with great things to try and fun places to go. Make your rounds to all the great summer events in town including the Curvy Girl Mixer hosted by Glorious Rogue. It’s a great place to have a nice time mingling and meeting women from all walks of life who identify as being curvy. This event is truly the social event of the summer.


You’ll get to network with fabulous women including special guest blogger Nicole of Curves on a Budget. Have a couple of delicious drinks as you work the room and dance to some great tunes that will be playing all night long. Snack on some tasty hors d’œuvres as you bond with fellow curvy women. Dress up in your cutest outfit and help celebrate the beauty of all women. This get together is all about praising women with different looks and styles, and embracing those looks for the world to see. Be apart of a can’t miss summer event in Phoenix!

Summer Events in Tempe, AZ

Summer is here, and there is something exciting waiting behind every corner. If you want something fun and exciting to do, look no further. Fill your summer with amazing things to do right here in Tempe, AZ. Make your way over to Sea Life Arizona and have an amazing time seeing all the wonderful sea animals there. You’ll get to interact with sea creatures of all kinds, from the smallest of seahorse to the larger and more dangerous sharks. Make your aquarium experience fit the kind of fun you’re looking for this summer.


This place is an exciting adventure for anyone who visits. Come and see some of the rare and endangered animals that have been lucky enough to get rescued. Take a tour of this fantastic place and learn everything you can from our informative exhibits, that offer extensive information on all of our animals and their natural habitats. You can even be apart of the different workshops which host a lot of hands-on classes where you can personally work with the animals. Be sure to check out the interactive tide pool where you’re able to touch rock pool creatures like a sea star, urchins, and more. Make your summer the best one ever when you visit the Sea Life Arizona in Tempe.   

Summer Events in Conroe, TX

Summer is a great time to get out and get social, going new places, and meeting new people. There are so many fantastic hosted events happening in Conroe, TX giving you the perfect opportunity to add to your summer fun. Make your way to Shankz Black Light Minute Golf and experience a summer day like no other. There are new fabulous attractions at this mini golfing course that will put your amazing summer fun right into your hands. Get a taste of how great your summer can be at this unique glowing mini golf course.


Get excited about all the different holes with creative and fun course art that you’ll love. Golfing in the dark brings a whole new level of excitement to your experience, and will make you want to come back again and again. You’ll get amazing deals on the different attractions they have there. Enjoy a round of golf and then head over to the arcade for more endless fun. They serve delicious food and drinks there so you won’t have to leave when you work up an appetite. Add this fun adventure to your places to visit this summer in Conroe, TX. You’ll be so delighted that you came.  

Celebrate Memorial Day in Thousand Oaks

“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.” – Abraham Lincoln

Do you ever find yourself reflecting on history in the comfort of your apartments? If so- here’s something to contemplate. We have so many freedoms in the United States that we are fortunate to have, but sometimes we lose sight of this as our nation continues to become polarized in terms of politics. Memorial Day is a nice opportunity to remember that despite whether you vote as a Democrat or Republican, it is an undeniable truth that we would not have many of the luxuries or freedoms we enjoy without the sacrifices many soldiers have made.

Memorial Day is approaching quickly as it lands on May 28th this year. What will you do to celebrate? If you’re in the mood for having something a bit more mellow in your apartments in Thousand Oaks versus going out, then consider following some of the tips on this website. There are some creative, family-friendly ways to throw a Memorial Day party that everyone will talk about for the rest of the year.

4th of July Celebrations in Your Area

Looking for something fun to do this 4th of July? While you wait for night to fall to enjoy some fireworks, why not start your celebration earlier in the day? Make it a point to go to a local restaurant with friends or family to get the most out of the holiday.

Whether you have kids or you’re single, there are plenty of ways to indulge in a little fun around town this 4th of July. Here are the best places in and around your town to stay out of the sun and enjoy a good meal this Independence Day:

Roscoe’s Smokehouse
Easygoing joint featuring BBQ dishes sides & brews in a rustic setting with live music nights.
Address: 1541 SW Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028
Hours: Open today · 11AM–9PM
Phone: (817) 484-2123

Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory
Mexican Restaurant
Fast-food chain featuring classic Mexican dishes & housemade tortillas in festive surroundings.
Address: 1460 SW Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028
Hours: Open today · 6:30AM–11PM
Phone: (817) 426-5488

Huddle House
Casual chain offering all-day breakfast, plus other hearty American eats in dinerlike digs.
Address: 319 N Broadway St, Joshua, TX 76058
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: (817) 556-3035

How will you get your 4th of July this year started? Make this Independence Day your most memorable one yet!

5 Things to Do for Father’s Day

With Sunday, June 18th just around the corner, it’s time to begin considering what sorts of things to do for Father’s Day. Depending on your pop’s interests, this can vary from doing something outdoorsy with him or simply watching one of his favorite movies together. Have you thought of any things to do for Father’s Day yet? If not, refer to this list that’ll help you come up with some thoughtful ideas:

• Take your father out to see a film he’s been wanting to watch
• Treat dad to his favorite restaurant in the area
• Sign your father up for an hour-long back or foot massage
• Get him some thoughtful art or photography ready to hang for his house or office
• Get him a gift card to Best Buy or Target, attached to a thoughtful greeting card.

As you can see, there are plenty of thoughtful things to do for Father’s Day with your pops. This year, make Father’s Day an occasion the two of you will never forget. And if you decide on just going shopping for a traditional gift for dad, here’s the best place near you to get him a great gift:

Best Buy
Electronics store in Fort Worth, Texas
Chain retailer with a large array of brand-name electronics, computers, appliances & more.
Located in: Gateway Station
Address: 12820 South Fwy, Burleson, TX 76028
Hours: Open today · 10AM–9PM
Phone: (817) 295-0732

Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Father's Day

Father’s Day is basically here which means it is time to start prepping your gift! No matter if you’re getting it for your father, your father figure or the father of your children, you have to get him something good! This day only comes once a year and although there’s love going around every other day of the year, there’s only one Father’s Day a year, so let’s take a look at what you can get the special man this time around:

  • SIMPLE. An Apple Watch.
    As cliche as it may be, these watches are worth the hype. This watch also makes it super easy to keep track of your fitness goals and such, which is why people are prone to wear these during workouts. No one is ever disappointed in getting an Apple Watch. Cold. Hard. Facts.
  • IPA Brewing Kit
    Beer lovers, pay attention: West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit is the absolute perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. If he loves tossing ’em back, he will absolutely love making it as well.

Fun Things To Do On Mother’s Day

Fun Things To Do On Mother's Day

Celebrating your mom on Mother’s Day is so very important. Injecting some love into her life is something you should be doing all the time. This year, you should definitely do something special with her. You have an endless number of options and ideas to go with. Maybe you’re looking for  a few useful ideas. Here are some fun things you can do for and with your mom this Mother’s Day.

Go to the Movies

This is a classic. On Mother’s Day weekend, there is bound to be something playing at the movie theater that she will enjoy. Take her to the movies and catch something you both may like. This is a good way to spend some time with one of your parents.

Cook Her Dinner

Everybody has to eat, even your own mom. Maybe she is usually the one in the kitchen cooking all day for the family. This time around, why not return the favor and cook for her instead. Find out what she really loves and make it for her. You could even surprise her.

Have a Picnic

You don’t need to go to an expensive, loud restaurant to eat with your mom. You could go to a lovely park and have a nice picnic together.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

It’s about that time. It’s spring and it looks like it might be time to get the old broom and dust pan. Cleaning can be really fun, if you’re know what you’re doing. But a lot of you may be stuck and in deed of a few pointers. Well, don’t fret. There are some good ideas that should help keep your apartment clean. Here are some Spring cleaning tips for your apartment.

Cleaning The Faucet

A clean bathroom is an absolute must. It’s also important that the sink be just as spotless as the toilet and tub. But sometimes, you might catch some lime buildup around the faucet. What you want to do is lay down some paper towels over the fixture and soak it in vinegar. You should let it sit for about an hour or so. It will be much easier to clean that way.

Cleaning The Windows

Admittedly, this may seem like a bit of a chore for some. But keep the windows clean is also super important. You should definitely have a windshield squeegee ready for use. If not, grab a rag and some soapy water. Once you’re done, you dry them with another clean rag.

Cleaning The Ceiling Fan

How much dust do you notice on your ceiling fans? Too much, probably. Cover them with a coat of furniture polish and wipe away. That should definitely do the trick.