Celebrating Thanksgiving in Kent

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Kent

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Kent

You may be asking yourself, so what day is Thanksgiving Day 2019? If so, odds are you are in panic mode! Thanksgiving is a time when loved ones come together, share a delicious meal, and catch up on the latest. With that, we know a lot of prep-work is underway! We have one less thing for you to worry about: all things football! We have a great Turkey Bowl idea near your chic Kent apartments!

History of American Football on Thanksgiving

Football during Thanksgiving has been a tradition in the US for the last 150 years. The tradition dates back to 1876 when Yale and Princeton University first established their first annual football match held on Thanksgiving Day! Since then, many families come together and partake in this tradition. Thanksgiving would not be complete without a family-friendly game of football!

Local Big Games

This year the 7th Annual Southwest Turkey Bowl will be held on Saturday, November 23rd, and continue to Sunday, November 24th! The event is coed, and sure draws a crowd, so ensure to register early. There are many football games to watch on Thanksgiving, but why not get out and have one of your own? If having a family-friendly football match on Thanksgiving morning sounds like your thing, this is for you!

Start a family Turkey Bowl tradition

We highly encourage you to start your own family tradition. If you are not already a part of a Turkey Bowl, make Thanksgiving Day 2019 your first! You’ll be glad you did. Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl brings with it family bonding time, friendly competitive vibes, and you will finally get to see who the better athlete is between your cousins! A great suggestion to kick off your tradition is to create an outlandish Turkey Bowl trophy. The more ribbons, whistles, and stickers, the better! We hope that this year will be the year something special kicks off, literally and figuratively!

Let us know if you’ll be having one this year!